Call for papers

Previous volumes include articles on a Spanish translation of Shakespeare, Chinese rendition of Hamlet, historical reception of Shakespeare in Japan, Romanian encounters with and translation of Shakespeare, Shakespeare criticism in Russia during the Communist era and in modern-day India. Other articles have focused on various ways of appropriating Shakespeare in specific social and cultural contexts, as reflected, for example, in the work of a Chinese playwright Cao Yu, Brazilian director Marcelo Marchioro, among Shakespeare readers in Bengal, or on stage in Greece, Uruguay and Israeli.

As a result of the encouragement of Shakespeare scholars from all over the world, we have begun working on thematic volumes, the first of which is the forthcoming volume 4, presenting the discussions, analyses, page and stage renditions of Shakespeare in Europe.

Now, we call for papers for volume 6. The deadline for papers is 31 January 2009.
Please refer to the style sheet provided.

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